uptime4winsimple uptime display for windows.

DOWNLOAD current version (12mb) DOWNLOAD console version (272kb)
DOWNLOAD legacy version (46kb)


  • added legacy uptime4win versions from 2003 to the downloads (more info here)

Uptime4Win does just what the name suggests.
It displays your windows system uptime via icon tray tooltip or console.

NOTE: The download is currently a bit oversize. I used QT for the tray icon and the icu stuff increases the size unnecessarily. Since Im to lazy to make a custom QT build without icu, just to recompile this, I added the console version for download, which is tiny.


Back in the early 2Ks inFECT, a friend of mine, started the first uptime contest on IRCnet #uptime

To expand on his connection uptime contest idea, I wrote linux and windows clients that would submit system uptimes to a server and display those on a webpage.

Back then there was no uptime tool for windows like on linux and so Uptime4Win was born.

Most of my old sources got lost over the years, but since I recently started to write some stuff for windows again and there wasnt much work involved, I felt like bringing it back.


Just unzip and run.