Terms Of Service

g0t.be (the ground zero territory network) was created to provide services such as URL shortening, cg tutorials and resources, educational resources, various kinds of free content and is only to be used in conjunction with legitimate relevant data of a non-abusive, non-pornographical nature.

Abuse and the use for illegal purposes in any form is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with accordingly, by submitting relevant information to involved ISPs, aswell as to the proper authorities. Inappropriate content such as malicious short urls etc. will be removed and result in a ban for any related user.

You may not redistribute content that you have downloaded directly from g0t.be without explicit approval by the administration. Your IP address will be logged for legal reasons.

Keep in mind that any person directly involved with g0t.be, and the development/administration of its services, cannot be held responsible, for information submitted by others, in any way.

By using any g0t.be service you confirm that you understand and agree with all terms and implications displayed on this page.

In case you need to contact the administration please use the contact form.

All g0t.be services are provided without any warranty.