Twitch grabber FAQ

How does it work?

Whenever you watch a stream on twitch a playlist link is created for the twitch player, by the use of api calls.

Twitch grabber does the same thing and generates the playlist link for you ready to feed into the player of your choice.

Why not make it a chrome plugin?

To my knowledge, there is a chrome plugin that does the same thing... however twitch grabber can be used on mobile devices aswell.

Why use VLC and not the twitch player?

They use flash.

Flash can be heavy on your resources, has been a security risk in the past and the twitch player does not have many options, while vlc offers you ways to improve your viewing experience.

Is it possible to generate audio only links?

No. However, you can start VLC using the --vout none option to disable video output.

Frame replay, artifact, cut issues while watching a stream in VLC?

If you experience strange effects in vlc where the stream cuts out and frames are being replayed vlc did probably not receive all data in time.

Lag issues?

VLC has a cache setting that defaults to 1000ms.

You can change the setting by pressing CTRL-N in VLC, copy/pasting the playlist URL and enabling the >show more options< checkbox.

Increasing the value can improve your viewing experience in this case but will result in longer pre-loading times when you open a stream.

What about ads?

You will not receive ads while watching in vlc
(most people use adblock to prevent ads on twitch anyway)

If you can afford it and enjoy the content you are watching consider to get a subscription or turbo on twitch.

Support the platform and broadcasters!