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  • added option to write out windows system uptime
  • fixed minor bug


Chronoup is a small command line tool written in cpp.
It uses windows QPC to create a timer and constantly updates the given outfile with the elapsed time.

I created this for use with OBS, to display my stream uptime during gaming sessions.

While there are a number of ways to achieve exactly that, this one can be used with OBS text sources, is lightweight, accurate, runs locally and does not use any online resources.

If you use OBS and know about Snaz, you might wonder why not just use that, since it does the same thing, has a gui and more functionality. I am using Snaz and it's a great tool, but I've noticed that its chronoup lags behind pretty hard after a few hours of streaming.

Using wins QPC provided the most accurate and reliable way to do this, that I could find.


Just unzip and run chronoup.exe.


chronoup.exe [options]


  • -f "filename" output filename (default chronoup.txt)
  • -p "prefix" add prefix to output
  • -a "suffix" append suffix to output
  • -h hours start value (default 0)
  • -m minutes start value (default 0)
  • -s seconds start value (default 0)
  • -x set maximum hours (default infinite)
  • -u write out system uptime instead
  • -v output version



Starts chronoup with the default values. Output will be written to chronoup.txt starting at 00:00:00

D:\chronoup>chronoup.exe -f mychrono.txt -p "> stream uptime " -a " <" -h 10 -m 5 -s 23 -x 24

chronoup will stop after 24 hours are reached. Output will be written to mychrono.txt, start at specified time values, and look like this: > stream uptime 10:05:23 <

shortcut example:
this shortcut example will start chronoup at 10 seconds with the prefix stream uptime.

[Use with OBS]

Add a text source to your OBS scene that points to the output file and start chronoup when you go live.
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