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[ONE] Wallpaper (Planetside 2 Outfit)

Soldiers Of The One

Soldiers Of The One [ONE] is a Planetside 2 Vanu outfit on Woodman, currently recruiting new players.

The Blade Of Geirrod

The Blade Of Geirrod

This is the blade of Geirrod, son of Hraudung, king of the goths.
Geirrod stumbled and fell on his blade so that it skewered him and ended his life.
It is said to carry a part of Geirrods soul and was hidden in a cave by Odin, where it remains ever since.

Modelling, map baking, rendering, compositing done in blender 2.66
Textures are painted in gimp, some are from shots i took with my canon.
Volumetric lighting, mist and smoke are rendered in blender internal and added to the cycles output in the compositor.
Wall, floor, rocks and the blade have normal, displacement, spec, and ao maps. The blade has an additional emission map.
Floor, rocks and wall have a couple of diffuse textures blended together.
The water layer (ocean sim) above the floor uses glass/refraction shader and contributes most of the verts in the scene.
Most of the magic happens in the compositor, as per usual :)

I read the the lay of Grimnir recently, felt like creating a shiny engraved blade in blender and this is what i ended up with...

distant worlds

distant worlds 4 distant worlds 3

Distant Worlds. Places far, far away. In my head.
A couple of planets. Maybe some comets, asteroid fields, views from other planets into space, galaxies etc. in the future? hmmmmmm.

Textures are hand painted and procedurally generated in gimp and blender, rendered in cycles, compositing done in blender.

Freestyle Sculpting - Alien head mini timelapse

This is a 2 minute timelapse of some freestyle sculpting i did yesterday. Nothing special but since i usually forget to record the stuff i do in blender or just dont wanna bother with the additional recording lag, I am happy that i finally uploaded my first timelapse (had it in the back of my head to do one of those for a while now).

Blender Tip: Cycles BVH & GPU rendering

Felt like sharing this tip with you fellow blender/cycles users.

info on the cycles BVH and a problem that you might likely run into when working a lot with cycles & GPU rendering.

something i forgot to mention in the video:

one alternative is switching to CPU rendering when your GPU fails you ofc but i wouldn't want to do that myself tbh ^^

how to render in blender + cycles

this tutorial walks you through a simple scene and shows you what to keep an eye on when rendering with cycles.

two button joystick model

simple model, use it for whatever :)

blender 2.61 tutorial - creating helium atoms in space

In this quick and dirty tutorial I show you how to setup a basic scene, thorw in some spheres and curves as helium atoms, add a background plane and do some simple compositing to get a decent result.

Using Blender 2.61.4 + cycles