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you? here? it's good to see you!

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[responsible gaming]

Vast & immersive modern game worlds make it easy to lose track of time…

NOT actual game footage

Take a break every once in a while, stretch your legs, stay hydrated and remember to eat!

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[keeping it cool]

Everybody knows that keeping a cool head, especially in pvp multiplayer games, can be quite challenging and is usually easier said than done. Here are just a few things a gamer might find helpful on the quest of personal growth and self-exploration…

vinnie with shades

• Play for fun
• Use your head before you act
• Reflect on your actions
• Learn from your mistakes
• It's all about the journey
• We are all human - treat your fellow gamers as peers!

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[more gains for the brains?]

Does gaming improve cognitive functions of the brain? Some believe it does…

Why not conduct some careful research yourself?

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[pages from the past]

Ancient legacy pages have been partially reducted but remain mostly accessible for the time being…

remnants of the old days

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[friendly gamers]

Do you consider yourself a gamer? Friendly? You appreciate the CG arts? A sound and beautiful mind? Well, you've made it this far…

looking for a place on a cozy discord server?
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Have a coffee, chat, play some games, or just say hello…

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[get in touch]

If you're looking to get in touch for any other reason than gaming, feel free to try the discord channel first…

or send a mail to the master of web for this domain

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